MoonGlo Light Tower Packages

MoonGlo Balloon Work Lights

The MoonGlo Balloon Light Tower is the answer for ensuring safely-lit environments. The Light Tower trailer is a dedicated platform for easily mounting and storing all MoonGlo lighting system essentials. Please call if you have any questions. (503) 931-3650

MoonGlo Balloon Light Tower

Moonglo Work Light balloon light tower options are tripod, generator and vehicle mount

Moonglo Work Light Balloon light tower standard package
Moonglo Work Light balloon light tower with generator
Moonglo Work Light balloon lights for lighting night events

Moonglo Work Light balloon light tower generator
Moonglo Work Light tower LED driver bracket on balloon light tower generator

LED Driver Bracket

Features of the MoonGlo Light Tower includes:

  • Light Tower includes 2 LED or Metal Halide balloon lights
    2" ball hitch welded to convenient detachable tongue
    Recessed LED stop/turn/tail lights
    7-pole RV connector (trailer end only) for stop/turn/tail lights
    15" tires with ST227/101-97L 6PR load range
    4 high wind stabilizing and leveling jacks, 1 tongue jack — all 5 are side-winders
    Trailer frame and cabinets powder coated safety orange
    4 light pole mounts welded to trailer frame — one on each corner

Video Available

If you would like to see video on a particular application of the MoonGlo Work Light. Please email us at Please provide any information about what you are trying to achieve and or any videos that maybe helpful to you. We respond back to you with videos via Dropbox and any other info via email.

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 Balloon Lights (2)       See PDF datasheet for light options

4-stage Telescoping Poles (2) - 48" (4') collapsed, 158" (13'2") extended, chromed steel (Maximum height is 16' to center on the trailer)

Light Tower Trailer - See Trailer Specs/Info page for details

Full PDF MoonGlo Light Tower Spec Sheet

Common uses include flagger stations, temporary job site lighting, new construction, road work, asphalt paving, police checkpoints, first responders, search and rescue, environmental and hazardous material response, homeland defense, etc.

  • 360 Degrees of Glare-Free Light - Illuminates an area of 250 ft+ in diameter.

  • Set up/Taken down in just a few minutes - Interchangeable with all MoonGlo Balloon Lighting Systems.

 If you feel that you need some help, just give us a call. We're happy to help.

(503) 931-3650

Light Tower Trailer:
Dimensions: 108.5" (9') overall length with tongue, 64.5" (5'3") without tongue


52" wide over fenders
Shipping Weight Info: 49" high x 54" wide x 118" deep crate, 1,000 lb approx. weight
Generator Cabinet:  
Dimensions, Capacity & Mount: 27" high x 21" wide x 32" deep 2000 watt to 3000 watt generators Roll drawer rated for 500 lbs, locks in and out, hold down provided, acts as fluid containment
Light Cabinet Dimensions & Capacity: 27" high x 12" wide x 57" deep, divided shelf stores 2 lights
2 MoonGlo balloon lights
Storage Cabinet Dimensions & Capacity: 27" high x 21.5" wide x 24" deep
Stabilizing jacks, LED drivers, ballasts, etc. (depending on setup)
Balloon Light Options:

View PDF Balloon Light Options Spec Sheet

Generator Performance:
2000 watt generator operates 4 MoonGlo 150 watt or 240 watt LED ballon lights

2000 watt generator operates 1 MoonGlo 1000 watt Metal Halide ballon light

3000 watt generator operates 2 MoonGlo 1000 watt Metal Halide ballon lights

View PDF Balloon Light Options Spec Sheet
Generator Cabinet Views: