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Thomas Schuh


In 2010, after 24 years in sales and rentals working for an equipment dealer then being displaced during their business buy-out transition, I decided to follow my personal vision for developing this style light conversion for all light towers. No one had taken the concept and applied it to light towers, so I did... and quite frankly the results exceeded my expectations.

I also wanted to develop one balloon light that could work in other applications (like MoonGlo Balloon Lights for Road Construction and Public Maintenance, MoonGlo Balloon Lights for Search and Rescue Efforts MoonGlo Balloon Lights for Outdoor Parties and Special Events MoonGlo Balloon Lights for Mining Operations MoonGlo Balloon Lights for Flagger Stations MoonGlo Balloon Lights for Disaster Recovery Efforts MoonGlo Balloon Lights for Emergency Public Utility Repairs MoonGlo Balloon Lights for Farming and Agriculture Work MoonGlo Balloon Lights for Crime Scene Lighting ...) and much more!

I wanted to develop a lighting conversion system for the contractor and rental yards that would fit their light towers, make it much better and would be durable, rebuild-able, and reliable, and I followed through on that as well.

In later years, my son, Jerred, returned to Oregon after years working in Silicon Valley and took MoonGlo Work Light out to the world-wide-web, creating websites, videos and marketing strategies via the internet.

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We enjoy our business and take pride in our high-quality products. Let us help you acquire the best understanding of balloon style lighting so you can select the right balloon lighting for your needs.

The MoonGlo Balloon Work Light Journey!

Developing a product like this has been an exciting, frustrating, and rewarding endeavor, but always a great adventure. MoonGlo Balloon Work Light Conversions offer highly versatile, items of excellent quality, so we are very proud of what our products can do for you on your existing light tower! "Love the MoonGlo Lights! One of the best purchases I think we have made. The amount of light these produce is great." Johnnie Z., Project Manager Salinas Construction, Inc. We are proud to make the most versatile balloon lighting conversion system ever!

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